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India… a country which will enchant you with her beauty and diversity, delight you with her colorful pageantry, enrich you with her culture, stun you with her modernity, embrace you with her warmth, and overwhelm you with her hospitality…a land where the ancient and the contemporary exist side by side, where thousands of brilliant images fill the soul with wonder and where quaint and startling contradictions juxtapose to lend an extraordinary vitality, texture and poetry to life.

India ~ the ancient land of mystery, palaces and kings, romance and intrigue, nobility and grandeur.
A land steeped in a tradition of services and privileges to royalty. A land which has the largest Tiger population in the world.

Imagine yourself transported back a couple of centuries. Imagine waking up to find yourself in a royal, canopied bed with the soft gauze of sunshine filtering in through exquisitely filigreed windows. Imagine padding across to the windows to find peacocks mincing across the lawns. Imagine being waited upon and served a banquet with fluid grace by an army of turbaned bearers. Imagine being a king for a day. Imagine living in a palace!

This is one fantasy that can be fulfilled.

Day 01

Upon arrival in Delhi you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

A capital way to begin your discovery of India

"I asked my soul what is Delhi?

It replied, the world is the body; Delhi is its soul….. this is how a 19th century poet described this city that has ever been so many things to so many different people. To the weary travelers on the ancient silk route it was the first plain after having crossed the Himalayan Mountains with the promise of shelter, food and business opportunities. To the Afghan, Turk, Greek, Arab and Roman kings it was a vast and inexhaustible source of treasures of all kinds to the Chinese travelers it was the land of knowledge and wisdom. Its ageless face saw the advent of Islam. It saw empires being built and destroyed or even merely dismantled to make way for the new and Delhi lived on...

The British created their own Delhi with large well planned avenues and planted 10000 trees with a 112 kms of hedges that it would be green round the year abundant with flowers a botanical paradise. The seat of the British Empire Delhi of 1911 was planned to resemble ‘an Englishman dressed for the climate’. Its planners and main architects decided that it would be neither Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Buddhist, nor English nor Roman but IMPERIAL a house for the Viceroy that resembled ‘a giant Indian bungalow, embattled Rajput fortress and Mughal tomb with shades of Buckingham Palace with English country house comforts. Delhi is perhaps the only city in the world that fuses its past present and evokes its future without losing an iota of its identity. 1300 monuments speak of her antiquity of the ambitions of men who thought they could hold on to her but history proved otherwise. A popular superstition is that it is also known as the ‘graveyard of dynasties’ with every one of its cities built there heralding the death the dynasty that built it.

Thus, Delhi is a Melting Pot of cultures, politics and religions of India’s colourful past in its monuments, its palaces, and in the faces of its people that they narrate the story of their glorious past.

The afternoon is free to recover from jetlag.

Overnight: Hotel in Delhi

Day 02

Breakfast at the hotel

New Delhi: Touch of Faith, Philosophy & British India

09:00 hrs The discovery of New Delhi starts with a visit to Qutab Minar which is Delhi's Eiffel Tower, its Statue of Liberty and Nelson's Column. Visit the mosques, mausoleums and ruins of forts that lie around it.

Later visit the Humayun’s tomb - the magnificent structure in red sandstone and white marble – one of the finest examples of the garden tomb and a precursor to the Taj Mahal

We drive to one of the most colonial part of New Delhi called Raisina Hill. Drive past the Viceroy's House (now known as Rashtrapati Bhawan, present residence of the President of India) Lutyen's magnum opus; the India Gate, a war memorial arch.

We then drive past a Sikh place of worship called a Gurdwara or Temple. This shrine is the scene of constant devotional music, whose ethereal tones are relayed throughout the entire complex. A Sikh temple without a Community Kitchen or “Langar” is inconceivable. Food is serviced in the kitchen of the Gurudwara 24 hours to all visitors without any distinction of caste, creed, color or religion. All people - high or low, rich or poor sit in the same queue. Approximately 40,000 visitors share meals everyday.

Old Delhi – Happily Chaotic!

13:00 hrs We proceed for our unique yet fascinating experience of Old Delhi. Visit the mighty Red Fort followed by “cycle rickshaws” through the lanes of “Chandni Chowk” or silver Street, experiencing the sights and sounds of this very busy Avenue heading west from the Fort. Chandni Chowk literally means “moonlit crossroads” and an area which best represents the “super-Oriental”- the glory and the guile; the grandeur and the grime, with its crowded bazaars, twisting lanes, maze of small streets strange aromas, the pungent odour of Oriental spices, the cries of shopkeepers, coolies and “rickshaw- walas” and the clatter and whirr of furious industry. The thrill of being driven through the narrow, winding lanes is a memorable experience. This is perhaps one of Delhi's most populated areas and the largest marketplace.

Overnight: Hotel in Delhi

North India

North India
Day 03

DELHI-JALANDHAR(Amritsar Shatabdi(1635-2058 hrs)
Breakfast at the hotel

The morning is free at leisure or to shop for souvenirs to carry home.

15:00 hrs: Transfer to New Delhi Railway Station to board your train to Jalandhar. You will be met and transferred to the Citrus Country, Hoshiarpur.

22:30 hrs: A light supper awaits you here, along with a warm welcome from the family at Citrus County.

Overnight: Citrus County - Hoshiarpur.

Day 04


All meals are at the farm, cooked by a special chef in accordance with the requirements of the Yoga routine being followed.

09.00 hrs: Introduction to the Yoga Program (02 hrs)

13.30 hrs: Lunch at the farm.

15.00 hrs: Afternoon session of Yoga (02 hrs)

19.00 hrs: Enjoy a walk around the farm.

Overnight: Citrus County

Day 05


All meals are at Citrus County

06.00 hrs: Morning Yoga session.

10.00 hrs: Undertake a rural safari to see village life in Punjab.

15.00 hrs: Afternoon session of Yoga.

18.00 hrs: Enjoy a walk around the farm, plucking fruit off the trees and letting the serene surroundings be a balm to the soul.

Day 06

Same schedule as above.

Overnight: Citrus County

Day 07

Same schedule as above.

Overnight: Citrus County

Day 08


Take a day trip to nearby Amritsar, the Mecca of the Sikh community. Visit the Golden Temple, the most important seat of the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, enshrined by Guri Arjan Dev, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs.

Enjoy a langar meal at the Gurudwara- Langar is an open kitchen running 24 hours a day, feeding simple but delicious fare to thousands of devotees daily. The food is cooked and served by volunteer devotees themselves.

Later visit the Wagah Border, the common border with Pakistan that features a simultaneous retreat by soldiers of both countries at sundown. Worth watching!

Return to Hoshiarpur.

Overnight: Citrus County.

Day 09

HOSHAIRPUR-DELHI (Swarna Shatabdi: 1820-2250 hrs)

Breakfast at Citrus Country

10.30 hrs: Short visit to Hoshiarpur city to see some local crafts.

14.30 hrs: Return for lunch.

16.30 hrs: Depart for Jalandhar Station to board your train to Delhi.

2250 hrs: A few hours later, we arrive at New Delhi Railway station where we will be met and transferred to our hotel.

Overnight: Hotel, Delhi

Day 10

Depart DELHI

Transfer to the airport for your flight back home.